RAMP ASTRO offers Online and Offline Services, for Astrology Consultations (business and finance, personal, marriage, health and family matters etc.), Astrology Teaching, Hypnotherapy Sessions and Training, Dietary consultation, Sanskrit Education, Sanskrit Karm Kand Education, Online Greh Niwaran Shanti Puja path and Vedic Ygaya Mantra path. 

RAMP ASTRO also provide valuable information and training in our Vedic culture.

RAMP ASTRO was founded by Dr. Meena Sharma, PhD from Punjab University Chandigarh, a renowned Astrologer having 16 years of experience in Astrological Counselling . She had been a well recognized adviser, Motivations speaker, and community leader.

RAMP ASTRO Aim to provide a package of “Health”, “Wealth” “Peace” and “Prosperity” and best advice from in house experts. We wish to create a community of intellectuals and Customers helping each other with trustworthy and credible manner with guaranteed privacy.

Ramp Astro Team

Dr.Meena Sharma

Astrologer & Auricular Therapist

Achary Swami Prasad Mishra

Pradhanachary Muktibodh Ved Vidyashrm Panchkula Haryana

Dr. N.C.Bedi


Prof. Sudhir Baweja

Coordinator, Department of Philosophy &Vivekananda Studies, USOL, Panjab University, Chandigarh.
Motivational Speaker

Dr. M.K.M

Naturopath & Alternative Therapist